Message from the Chairperson

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Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Silver Lake Management District will be held on Saturday, May 25, at 10:00am at the Copper Bottom Pavilion, 28836 Silver Lake Road, Salem, WI. 

The meeting's agenda, the call for nominations for election of a commissioner and the district's financials can be accessed Here

Aquatic Plant Management Plan -- Lake User Survey 

The 2024 Aquatic Plant Management Plan (APMP) has been approved by the WDNR and adopted by the Board of Commissioners of the Silver Lake Management District.

The APMP includes the results of last year's Lake User Survey and the comprehensive survey of aquatic plants in Silver Lake.  It also includes recommendations for management of invasive species.

  • Survey respondents' top concerns were invasive species management and boating safety/enforcement.
  • The aquatic plant community of Silver Lake continues to be high quality with good diversity that includes 28 different species.
  • Lake uses and lake management actions (including the whole-lake HWM treatment in 2015) have had minimal, if any, long term impacts on native plants.
  • Selective management treatment of invasive species in response to annual surveys will be continued in coming years.

Get a summary pdf of the APMP

2024 HWM Treatment

Hybrid Water Milfoil (HWM) was again less prolific in the lake than in 2021.  The District Board approved the Spring 2024 HWM Treatment of approximately 4.2 acres in the lake's north bay and 2.65 acres just north of the Village Beach.  Get a  pdf of the 2023 HWM Survey and 2024 Treatment Map .

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Silver Lake Management District!  

Jim Purinton, Chairman

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