About The Management District

The mission of the Silver Lake Management District is to represent and protect the interests of the lakefront property owners, along with other interested parties, in maintaining the significant environmental and recreational resource that is Silver Lake. The district focuses on protecting the ecology of the lake, the control of invasive species, and the creation of programs to educate and promote a safe and healthy recreational experience.

Recreation, Kayaking, and Fishing on Silver Lake, WI

Board Members

  • Chairman - Jim Purinton
  • Treasurer - Harry Laws
  • Secretary - Dee Andershock
  • Commissioner - John Coffey (Kenosha County Representative) 
  • Commissioner - Bill Hopkins (Village of Salem Lakes Representative) 

Lake Facts

  • Lake Surface Area: 528 Acres
  • Shoreline Length:  3.9 Miles
  • Lake Watershed: 4.3 Sq. Miles
  • Lake Volume:  5,824 Acre-Feet
  • Max. Depth:  44 Ft.
  • Mean Depth:  10 Ft.
  • Area Under 3 Ft.: 22%
  • Area Over 15 Ft.: 21%
  • Village:  Salem Lakes
  • County:  Kenosha
  • Elevation:  755 Ft.

The Silver Lake Management District includes 178 privately owned properties that border Silver Lake.  The District is roughly defined as the properties on the lake side of Cogswell Drive and Silver Lake Road.  District properties total approximately 99 acres of land or about 3.6% of the lake’s watershed.  As of 2023, District properties had a total equalized valuation of $99.8 million.

Silver Lake Information