Aquatic Plant Management Plan

Updated Plan

The Silver Lake Management District is preparing an updated Aquatic Plant Management Plan (APMP). The project was authorized at the 2022 Annual Meeting.  The prior APMP was completed in 2013, and an update was long overdue.

The District applied for a WDNR Grant Application in November 2022, and was awarded the grant in February, 2023.  The WDNR grant covers two-thirds of the estimated $11,835 cost of preparing the updated APMP. 

The Silver Lake Protection Association contributed $1500 toward the cost of preparing the APMP, further reducing the District's cost and demonstrating the SLPA's continued support for management of invasive plant species.

After soliciting bids, the District engaged Wisconsin Land and Pond Resource to prepare the APMP per WDNR standards.

The APMP preparation process will begin with a comprehensive aquatic plant survey in summer 2023.  All plants, not just invasive species, will be surveyed.  Another element will be a survey of lake users to help define goals and identify reasonable and acceptable management strategies for controlling invasive species.  Preparation of the APMP will follow and include public input and review.