Aquatic Plant Management Plan

Draft Aquatic Plant Management Plan Available for Review

The draft Aquatic Plant Management Plan (APMP) is now available for public review.  Comments should be directed to Jim Sharl, Wisconsin Lake and Pond Resource ( no later than January 31, 2024.

The draft APMP includes results of last year's Lake User Survey and last summer's comprehensive survey of aquatic plants in Silver Lake.  The APMP also includes recommendations to manage invasive species.

Summary of Aquatic Management Plan Update - Watch Video

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In this video, I provide a brief review of the current aquatic management plan for invasive species and nuisance vegetation in our lake. I discuss the challenges we face, such as hybrid species and the spread of curlyleaf pondweed. I also highlight the importance of ongoing surveys and the need for a multi-year approach to maintain a healthy lake ecosystem. Watch this video to stay informed about our efforts and the next steps in the management plan. -- Jim Sharl

Click below to get a pdf of the APMP.